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Bio-Cycle Solutions Rebrands as GFL Agriculture

For more than ten years, Bio-Cycle Solutions has been turning left over food into valuable fertility solutions for farmers. Bringing organics full circle by returning it to the soil as […]

Hanna Virtual Community Engagement Session

Each year, 35 million tonnes a year of food is wasted in Canada costing $49 billion a year. 63 per cent of this food waste could have been consumed, costing […]

Three management strategies using elemental sulphur to build your sulphur soil bank.

Sulphur is an often overlooked essential nutrient. Many growers lose yields and quality due to a mild or moderate sulphur deficiency. Elemental sulphur is an excellent choice for long-term soil […]

Why elemental sulphur is an apple, not an orange, when comparing sulphur sources.

Sulphur is an essential mineral nutrient. It is required to help support growth and development of strong, healthy plants. Elemental sulphur is the apple to the sulphate sulphur orange. All […]

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