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Hanna Virtual Community Engagement Session

Each year, 35 million tonnes a year of food is wasted in Canada costing $49 billion a year. 63 per cent of this food waste could have been consumed, costing the average household approximately $1,766.00 in discarded food per year. This food wastage unnecessarily adds to our landfills and contributes to the production of unwanted methane and greenhouse gases.


At GFL Environmental – through our subsidiary division, Bio-Cycle and its Bio-Sul Premium Plus product – we bring food waste full-circle, closing the sustainability loop through our innovative next generation of crop fertility projects for farmers. We believe that farm to fork should be a full-circle process to ensure that our agricultural sector is sustainable.


We take food organics and return them to farmland as nutrient rich fertilizer consisting of 70 per cent elemental sulphur and 30 per cent compost. We continually research, develop and test new products that support our sustainable model, through transparent processes, engagement with retailers, partners and producers.


This includes being good neighbours and contributing community members in the communities we operate in.


We are confident that our proposed Hanna facility under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act 1-470823 Notice of Application Request will be one that the community of Hanna will be proud to be a part of and we look forward to progressing through our next steps as we move through the application approval process.


Hanna residents are invited to learn about our proposed facility under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act 1-470823 Notice of Application Request.


Event Date: Wednesday, May 19

Start Time: 6:30 p.m.



This community open house is a virtual session where there will be a question and answer period after brief presentations. Registration is required for this virtual community open house and the meeting link will be emailed to registered participants 48 hours before the session.

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