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Making sustainability simple.

No matter where you are in the sustainability cycle, Bio-Cycle Solutions makes it easy.

For food retailers, we provide compost bins to our customers, sized according to their needs. Bins are then picked up via our in-house trucking team. Waste does not need to be separated or removed from packaging, as our facilities are capable of separating food waste from plastic packaging.

Once separated, we send food waste to a Class 1 composting facility, while recycling any packaging materials. Collection containers are then cleaned, sanitized, and returned to customers.

For farmers looking to apply a next-generation fertilizer product on their crops, we offer cost-efficient and safe delivery and application options. Crops will get the right nutrients delivered at the right time, and applied correctly from our team of trusted applicators.

Our services include:

  • Compost collection and recycling
  • Sulphur amended compost supply
  • Land application of the product
  • Custom spreading

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