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Three management strategies using elemental sulphur to build your sulphur soil bank.

Sulphur is an often overlooked essential nutrient. Many growers lose yields and quality due to a mild or moderate sulphur deficiency. Elemental sulphur is an excellent choice for long-term soil health because of it’s varied particle size and ability to provide benefits year after year. Here are three strategies where elemental sulphur can build optimal soil sulphur levels.

1. Adopt an annual maintenance approach to Sulphur

A yearly application of elemental sulphur provides several key benefits. A variety of particle sizes, ranging from micro, to macro, deliver a sustained release. Smaller particles are immediately broken down into sulphate sulphur and made available for growing crops. Larger particles are broken down over a period of time delivering season-long sulphate sulphur ensuring S is available during peak plant growth. Year after year, as sulphur is depleted, a new yearly application starts the process again replenishing S levels for crop use and in the soil.

2. One application provides sulphur for three to four crops that follow.

Elemental sulphur is not as prone to loss mechanisms, such as leaching, as other sulphur sources. It is not water soluable, so a fall or spring application ensures S is present in the soil. With proper application dispersion and varied particle size, elemental sulphur can take years to fully convert in the soil. A single application means S will be present in the soil for the following 3 or 4 crops planted in the same field.

3. One application of elemental sulphur speeds up the breakdown of subsequent applications

Beneficial soil microbes are required to break down elemental sulphur to sulphate sulphur for crop use. Every application of elemental sulphur builds populations of these microbes that increase the conversion rate of every application that follows. Yearly applications ensure the soil S levels are stable and optimized to support plant growth and crop development.

Choosing the right elemental sulphur for your fields.

Bio-Cycle BioSul Premium Plus  is an excellent choice for elemental sulphur. It delivers elemental sulphur with a compost mix with the necessary microbes and macro-nutrients required to break down elemental sulphur immediately for crop use. And with a variety of particle sizes, it provides season-long, and long-term benefits, from just a single application.

Talk to your local retailer about Bio-Cycle BioSul Premium Plus for your elemental sulphur choice this year.

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