What We Do

Collect. Process. Improve. Repeat.

Worldwide, 1.3 billion tonnes of compostable food gets thrown away each year. This nutrient rich waste is our primary input to create the compost mix for our fertility products.

We collect up to 32 tonnes of food waste per day from grocery stores, restaurants, and malls. This waste material is transported to our various transfer station, processed into nutrient rich compost, and combined with macronutrients, such as sulphur. This blend is safer to handle than traditional sulphur based soil amendments, and much more cost efficient. Our sulphur amended compost blend is then applied on agricultural farmland to enrich soils for optimum crop performance.

Most importantly, we bring food waste full-circle, closing the sustainability loop. That’s why we call it next-generation fertilizer.

  • WE COLLECT compostable food waste daily
  • WE PROCESS a nutrient rich compost base
  • WE IMPROVE the base with macronutrients for agricultural use
  • WE REPEAT the process, creating a sustainable model

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